A vision for Baden-Württemberg

Christoph Dahl, Managing Director

Since our founding as Landesstiftung Baden-Württemberg in 2000, we have always pursued one goal: to support Baden-Württemberg on its path towards becoming a successful, progressive federal state worth living in. We invest in three fields in order to achieve this goal: in future-oriented research in order to sustainably secure innovation, economic success and jobs; in excellent education in order to create individual opportunities and enable social participation, and finally, in social responsibility in order to strengthen our community. These great challenges of our time are directly interlinked: well-trained people come up with innovations that form the basis for success in the markets, which are the foundation of income and wealth. These in turn form the basis for social security and are – this is where the circle closes again - the basis for optimal opportunities for education and training and thus for long-term wealth and success.

When individual freedom, scientific expertise and economic power are combined with social and ecological responsibility, great things can be achieved.  We want to make our contribution and encourage the people in our state to actively shape their own future and ours, too.

The Baden-Württemberg Stiftung uses all available sources, expert knowledge and scientific studies to get an overview of what the future might look like, thus identifying trends in research, education and social responsibility, and tries to strengthen these trends which are in the interests of the citizens in the federal state. The programs and projects themselves are developed by the foundation, or designed from ideas that have been passed on to them from external sources.

We want to make the findings and experiences we gain from our projects accessible to the public: you will find our accumulated knowledge in our journals and series, our research papers, at events or on the web pages of the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung. This enables interested parties to access important results and integrate them into their work - an added value that extends far beyond the finished projects.

Learning from one another and developing ideas are important foundations for a strong and successful future. Talk to us and let us know about your ideas, or simply just make use of our publications.

Christoph Dahl, Managing Director


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